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Dress Code

Nope! Come dressed like you are going to the Oscars (many do) or come straight from the beach with sand on your shoes and windblown hair (many do).

Come as you are.

It's a small beach town, we have served mayors, governors, rock stars, those celebrating a special occasion, and people needing a special experience from all walks of life.

You're welcome to come to our house as you are comfortable and eat as you are comfortable. 


Children ...  (the miniature elephants in the room)

They are great when they are yours! 

Humor aside, kids are welcome, but we encourage parents to recognize this is a small historical registry home known for special occasions.

If your kids are not mannerly in restaurants, you might ruin a 50th anniversary, and we discourage children for the sake of all adult guests who specifically left the kids at home for date night.   

However, we recognize your children might be better behaved than some adults. So, we ask that you plan accordingly. We don’t have a kid's menu. We can accommodate requests for children happily and it's not uncommon for the parents to be blown away by what their kids eat and love here. Just tell us what they like and let us work the magic within reason.


Unlike children, dogs must dine outdoors.

Like children, we welcome all well-behaved family members.

Like children, we do not have a dog menu, but are happy to make your pup whatever they may desire and if it isn’t feeding time ask your server what kind of dog treat they can steal from the kitchen.

Food Allergies

We will do our best to accommodate any and all food allergies.

Please let your server know of your dietary concerns prior to ordering any food items.

Our bread and pasta are not gluten free.  

Many other menu items can accommodate a gluten free and vegetarian diet.

We welcome vegans, but it will difficult here as we are not a vegan restaurant.

Old world food is heavily cooked with one more products derived from animals. We source from local farms and fisherman to ensure that we are comfortable with the sustainability and treatment of the animals that provide us with our ingredients.

We can work with allergies to nightshades and alliums, but it does limit menu choices.

We do not cater to specific diet programs, but will work worth with your nutritional requirements as honestly as possible.

Nut allergies are easily accommodated.

If your allergy requires zero cross-contamination, please speak with our team regarding this as soon as possible.

Our kitchen is very small, and we cannot guarantee anything, but will 100% work with your concerns if you wish to with us. 

Special Events

Yes we do big events! 

Advance notice is the key, but it will be amazing!  

We love our special occasions here!  Your joy is our joy, and we love to be a part of it! 

Large parties are destined for the upstairs dining room.  It’s magical and all yours.  Let us talk about your needs.  On the rare occasion, we will rent out the whole restaurant.  Call us and let’s see if your vision and our accommodations work, because it’s awesome when it does!

To Go Orders

To Go Orders for In-House Guests

Just ask your server.  We got you! 


To Go Orders

We do offer to go orders on an availability basis.  We are a small staff and a small kitchen with our priority going to our in-house guest experiences.  We treat to go orders as if they are real tables.  Therefore, you can reserve a to go order ahead of time, just like a table, based on availability.


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