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Our Story

Little Yellow House was formerly known as Newman's at 988.  

We are happy to announce that Team Newman’s is alive, well, and thriving!


When Chef Extraordinaire John Newman left this world, and a hole in the heart of our community, Newmans at 988 was forever changed. Sandy Newman kept her husband's legacy alive for 18 long months following his passing. They were well-known for being the kindest of people, always paying it forward and mentoring others while setting the highest example of integrity in our small community. The stories we all still hear are endless about this couple and how they touched the community.


Now, it is our turn to thank Sandy and everyone John touched while here on Earth with us, and even a few after.  We plan to honor them both with the highest regard while we remain in their kitchen.  Little Yellow House will keep Newman's as it has been for 25 years with some fresh blood, long lived staff with familiar happy faces, and even The Chef’s Wife herself when she feels up to walking the red (maroon) carpet.


Kendra and Josh are the new blood behind the Little Yellow House.

They moved to Cannon Beach in April 2021 from Northern California, having never visited before, and consider it to be the best decision they have ever made.


Josh is a former mortgage broker turned sports betting influencer and Kendra holds a Juris Doctorate from Cal Northern School of Law.  Kendra is no stranger to the restaurant industry and is a well-seasoned businesswoman - not to mention a huge fan of Seinfeld - more on this later!


Little Yellow House is called so because this cute old historic house has always been referred to lovingly by locals and tourists as “The Little Yellow House”.


Little Yellow House was without doubt unplanned, but just a perfect fit for both Josh and Kendra.


Come in and get to know them and the fabulous team of the former Newmans at 988. 

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